September 9, 2015 Jason 0

Where an average copywriter might make $40,000 on a launch, Jason Kanigan has made his client over $600,000. In one week. Copywriting by itself is […]

Funnel Design

September 9, 2015 Jason 0

An effective marketing & sales funnel is more than just traffic and clicks. From enticing your target market to filtering for your ideal customer, each […]

Process Improvement

September 9, 2015 Jason 0

If your business is leaking money but you don’t know from where, the answer is in process re-engineering. From your supply chain through billing […]

Sales Force Development

September 9, 2015 Jason 0

With clients in the US & Canada, Australia, South Africa, Israel, the Far East, the UK & Europe, Jason Kanigan truly is a worldwide sales force developer […]

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