Sales On Fire

Sales On Fire
Sales On Fire
is Jason Kanigan’s world class sales training program. Sales professionals, senior executives, presidents and owners have been trained with Sales On Fire.

Sales Training from a Truly Worldwide Selling Expert

Even if English is your second or third language, Sales On Fire will help you tremendously.

The program addresses issues fundamental to human nature.

Instead of fancy scripts that don’t work in practice, this training is based around a consistent sales process. Once you understand the process, you can measure and manage your results–and you’ll know what to say.

The program is divided into three modules, matching the skill and experience levels of salespeople with no experience, 6 months to 3 years, and over 3 years.


Sales On Fire Module One – Sales Beginner

If you are at your very first sales role–or don’t “see” yourself as a salesperson, but know you must sell, SOF Module One will give you the mindset and tools you need to succeed.

If you:

  • are afraid to pick up the phone
  • get stopped by gatekeepers
  • have no idea what to say
  • don’t know what consultative selling is
  • dislike the idea of being seen as “pushy”
  • need to experience good results in the immediate future
  • find prospects’ behavior a mystery

and need to SURVIVE! then this is where you must start.


Sales On Fire Module Two – Sales Sophomore

If you have 6 months to 3 years of sales experience, look here.

If you:

  • need an accountability program
  • get tongue-tied with decision makers
  • know you need a consistent sales process
  • need to work on your consultative skill set
  • want your clients to know that you help them, not just push products or services
  • need a plan to grow your income this year
  • realize understanding people is the key

and need to THRIVE! then this module is the key.


Sales On Fire Module Three – Sales Pro

For salespeople with over 3 years of experience, Module Three develops your abilities even further.

If you:

  • want to prospect more efficiently
  • want to close more effectively
  • need help with specific steps of your sales process
  • are seeking adjustments that directly impact revenue results
  • desire an industry-wide reputation
  • are on target to be an industry leader
  • want to deepen your behavioral knowledge of prospects

and are DRIVEN TO BE AT THE TOP! then this module is for you.

To determine which level is right for you, book a consultation to discuss ($1200, to be deducted from the total investment if you’re a fit to become a client; either way, you’ll learn a ton) by clicking here.

If you need to learn more about this approach to selling, visit SalesTactics.