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‘I am on a mission to build the O’Neill Future, making us a spacefaring society with a commercial space-based economy.’

Jason Kanigan is a founder of space and defense firms and agencies, and an industry leader in relationship development in space and NewSpace. He is the president of Cold Star Technologies. To improve awareness and connections in space and defense, Jason hosts the Cold Star Project show and podcast. Jason is an author, TV show producer, and expert interview guest. He provides advice for companies in manufacturing process improvement and factory design, operations, sales & bid capture, and strategy. Jason has rare broad knowledge of Five Eyes unclassified and commercial space capabilities because he has spent the time developing the relationships.

Jason is a member of the board of advisors of the Operational Excellence Society. He was appointed Strategic Partner for business use cases of He has extensive high level civic volunteer experience, connecting policy staff, lawmakers, taxpayers, commercial operators, and NPOs to drive change…and works to do the same in space with governments, regulators, influence groups, operators, military, workforce, and public. Space and defense founders, schedule a paid consultation to discuss your project. If you're an agency owner and want to work with Jason, go here.

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The Perils of Poor Space Situational Awareness

More and more satellites are being thrown into Earth orbit: what are the challenges in identifying, tracking, and predicting their orbits? Can we stop them from accidentally colliding and creating a troublesome debris field? What problems haunt the systems, processes, and even law of Space Situational Awareness (SSA)? Join Jason Kanigan as he interviews five key industry experts in six interviews about the challenges of SSA.

The Fast Shortcut to Selling Agency Services

AGENCY OWNER: DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU? Over the past dozen years I’ve seen plenty of agency startups struggle with selling. They’ve been sold the dream, but have no idea how to go out and get clients. I want to help you. I do not want to overload you with techniques or things to memorize. The best way to do that is with a short “zero fluff” book you will actually read and use. Jason Kanigan is a worldwide sales force developer who has been in the sales training field since 2011.

The Fast Shortcut to Productivity for Agency Owners

Are you struggling with lack of focus, maybe even feeling you have ADHD as an agency founder? This Short Read is the solution to this problem! Get back on track and absolutely focused on the critical few tasks as the owner of your agency. Jason Kanigan, member of the board of advisors of the Operational Excellence Society and founder of several agencies, is here to advise you on what methods truly work.

If you seek to reclaim your time, get your energy back, and have the full confidence that what you are working on matterss, you need this book. It is a quick read because I value your time and want you implementing these solutions fast. Watch Jason be interviewed about this Short Read!

Find Out How a Real Commercial Business Operates and How You Can Appeal to Investors Today

This is the support to ensure your success! 12 Sessions (One Full Year) of 1:1 Founder Support for Space & Defense Startups, Including 7 Hour Workshop Recording and Worksheets.

Feedback About Jason

"Just had a great talk with Jason Kanigan who offered stellar advice positioning my off-world IRSU technology for terrestrial mining applications.
"If you're navigating a company or technology within the space industry, you should call him, today. He's chartered many waters and has guided us in the right direction."

~Kevin DuPriest, Founder, CEO, Planetoid Mines Corporation
"There are some people we meet in life, who just seem to get it. They understand your thinking, concerns, wants, wishes, and offer a hand to manage those in a way that is humble and profound. Jason Kanigan is one such person. If you get a chance to talk to him, you will have spent that time wisely."

~Martin Philip, CEO of Clutch Space

"Jason's business development approach is spot on. His knowledge of the space industry is impressive.
He is a solid coach."

~Ken Eppens, Founder and CEO at OrbitGuardians

"If you need honest and insightful advice to take your space startup to the next level, Jason is the real deal."


~Rabi Boundi, CTO, Netlink

"Jason is acutely aware of the hurdles early stage space founders face when trying to jumpstart their businesses. His operational background strikes at the fundamental problem of how to find your first customers by filling the need in a market. He has a welcoming attitude and the energy to build solutions."


~Mason Corliss, Valuations Associate at Carta

'Jason you are a Steely eyed rocket man!'

~Doug Kohl, Blue Origin

"Your ability to connect with people and develop meaningful conversations is absolutely remarkable."


~Tim Anderson, US Navy Commander and Defense Contractor

"Jason Kanigan has a granular depth of all of the facets of the multiple markets served by on-orbit activities."

~Rhonda Stevenson, CEO, Above Space

"Jason Kanigan is at another level when it comes to phone and face-to-face sales!
I've worked with 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs who are sales experts, read countless books on marketing and sales, and sold millions of dollars worth of products and services, and after awhile you begin to spot patterns... it was immediately evident that Jason's skills, knowledge and experience is up there with the best."


~Chris Munch, Owner, PressCable

"Jason's years of experience, his way with words, his skill with rapport and ability to close a sale without the normal 'ram it down their throat' style is brilliant! This is what people who are selling on the phone, via email, via newsletter, on webinars, tele seminars, and face to face selling need."

~David Cavanagh,

Interviews with Expert Guest Jason Kanigan

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