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So here’s the deal: the magazine style site that was here had been around since the 2015 era. It was old. I hated it. Every time I visited, which was rare because I don’t do much private consulting anymore and instead run companies, I cringed at how it presented me and what you as the reader would be taking away from your visit. Ick.

I’ll get an expert to redo the thing but for now here’s what you need to know:

Jason Kanigan is a business strategy consultant and what you could call a Conversion expert. There’s two pieces to making money: Traffic and Conversion…and I don’t know nuthin’ about Traffic. That’s fine because the world is overflowing with leadgen experts and they’ll sell you the dream. Phone & in-person sales training, copywriting including direct mail, VSLs, sales letters and so on, anything that turns a lead into a buyer, that’s where I’m on solid ground and can help you. When you’re ready to turn more of the traffic you’re already paying for into buyers, then come back and talk to me.

I had a 15 year corporate executive history following college, was a plant manager at 25, and collected $2 million a month for four years as a credit manager. I got very good at talking to people about the touchy subject of money. I’ve worked at startups and Inc. Top 1000 organizations, including franchising. I can engineer a steam and electricity power plant (that’s called “cogeneration”), organize a franchise council, and optimize your sales process.

I’ve been a copywriter for over 20 years and have been interviewed by Dan Kennedy’s company, Glazer Kennedy.

Since moving from Canada to the US in 2009 I have been a sales trainer, first corporate and then private…I started in consultative and in the past couple years moved to the Challenger style.

I’ve been a valued guest on many, many radio and podcast interviews since 2011.

I host a YouTube show and podcast about the unexpected challenges of scaling companies, called The Cold Star Project.

And I run companies centered around conversion optimization, process engineering, and AI-driven software solutions centered around detecting fraud and optimizing supply chains & distribution channels.

I think most people are flakes. Check that—I know most people are flakes.

In the world around me I see incredible dysfunction, stupidity and greed. It’s a wonder the world hasn’t died in a nuclear fire yet. This makes me value competent and caring individuals highly.

Enough about me. Now about you.

Have you got a solid pre-qualified Traffic source hooked up that you can depend on for supply of the quantity of leads you really need? (Many people come to me with a pipe dream and no Traffic source.)

Do you know your numbers? Cost of customer acquisition? Margins? Do you even have a money target? (Most people do not.)

Are you good at what you do? Are you able to deliver an excellent solution to a specific problem people admit to having? (“Barely adequate” is where I’d classify most people, and that’s not good enough.)

Would you say you’re a brutally self-honest individual, ready to look bad news in the face and seek out and destroy bad apples in your organization? (You’d probably be astonished at how few people want to rock the boat and take full responsibility for what’s going on in their own organization—they don’t want to have any conflict with their people, and will let outright theft go on unchecked. Secret: people are stealing from the owner in every business.)

Is your business at a consistent five figure or greater per month revenue amount? (Don’t come to me if you’re broke and have zero baseline.)

If you answered, “No” to just one of these questions, we’re not a fit.

My time is precious and not available to be wasted. Remember, I know that most people are flakes.

If you want my help, what you will do is book a two call package. It’s $2100 at present and if you don’t get at least $50000 of value in working with me then you lied in answer to one or more of those questions above. Quarter-million, half-million dollar problems are lying around in companies of any real size. I don’t watch the clock and am interested in giving you as much value as possible. We should have a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ call…the first to identify and clarify opportunities for improvement, the second to identify adjustments for you to make in feedback following your implementation of the recommendations from the initial discussion.

I have been helping people make money online and have better businesses, digital and brick & mortar, for ten years. I was around before the dumb IM marketplace learned the term “funnel”—heck, before Facebook ads existed—and I’ll be around long after the crowd playing at their own businesses, who lack the temperament and skills to be self-employed, have vanished back into the workforce. So understand you are going to get a ton of value out of working with me. And I should remind you that talking with me is a tax-deductible training expense.

If we choose to do a larger project following our discussion, this investment will be deducted from the total.

By this point you’ve self-qualified. Filtered yourself In or Out with the criteria. Are you the right kind of person to get the huge value of speaking with me? If so




Jason Kanigan


PS. I used to have Contact info posted here. Over the years I have received dozens of half-drunk emails and calls in the wee hours of the morning from desperate men and women who stumbled across my content in their wide-eyed emergency search for A Way Out. Don’t do that. Instead, stop reacting, start steering your own ship again, and Book a consultation.

PPS. Many times a person has tried to get me on a call or emailed me to deliver a sob story. They are broke. No one will share the “secrets” with them. Let me tell you: there are no real secrets. Get a consistent process in place, develop a baseline with a feedback loop, and build on that baseline. You are not in a position to speak with me until you have achieved this.

PPPS. Protecting my energy and thereby my focus is my #1 priority. I run companies. I only have so many free attention units in the month. Do not come to me with an offer of partnering so you can do the technical stuff and Jason can do the selling: I already have my own projects and they are far more interesting to me than yours will ever be. Therefore I can only take on a maximum of four personal clients a month. What this means for you is if you have a “bleeding neck” problem, the longer you delay is the longer you will be kept away from the solution. A lender that is losing two million dollars a month because of fraud wants the solution RIGHT NOW. If that’s you, or you’re a “Mini Me” of that, don’t be a flake: solve the problem and book the consultation.