Making Money

cropped-BasketCircle2.pngHi, I’m Jason Kanigan.

Before starting my online business, I had 15 years of real world corporate experience in sales & marketing and production management roles.

I’ve also been studying copywriting since 1994, and wrote for every single company I’ve ever worked for regardless of the role I was hired for. I’ve been helping people make more sales and revenue with Sales On Fire since 2012.

So let’s get to the reason you came here: a quick run-through of how you will set up a real business that makes you money.

There are only seven pieces of the puzzle…just seven. You can handle seven.

You can listen to a discussion of these points here:



After you’re done, you might want to:

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Yes, it’s important to take action…but the right action! On its own, Taking Action Is Stupid.