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Who This Is For

Business owners who are the best fit to work with me are busy executives with operations earning $50,000/month or more. If you are earning under $40,000/month we aren’t a fit yet. Your product or service should be in the serious B2B, manufacturing, software/SaaS, financial, investment, or ecommerce spaces. No MLM, no PUA, no supplements/nutrition offers. I cannot work with something I can’t personally get behind.

You should know your Cost of Customer Acquisition.

You should know your Lifetime Customer Value and average order value.

You must have a proven traffic source if we are to discuss funnels or copywriting.

While I will not require a ton of your time following our initial meetings, understand that our business relationship is a medium term one. It is NOT a “once and done” attempt, and if you don’t understand why then please read this.

Nearly all of my time is spent running a professional services firm I own, focusing on operations improvement and process engineering. I can work with one or two private clients a month; fees are in accordance and be prepared for that. If you’re looking for a deal, I’m not for you. I’m for decisive business owners who know their business and want the experience and expertise necessary for the achievement of powerful results.

If you believe you’re a fit, then visit one of the specific services pages and book a paid consultation.

About Jason Kanigan

Jason Kanigan has 15 years of corporate executive experience, followed by 10 years running his own companies.

Jason’s background includes the following civic roles:

Social Planning Advisory Committee, City of North Vancouver BC (2003 – 2008) – Community development and grant funding

Official Community Plan – Targets, Indicators & Monitoring Strategy, CNV BC (2004) – Social, economic and environmental sustainability performance measures for the City

Marine Drive Task Force, CNV BC (2004-05) – Redevelopment of a gateway area to the City



Bachelor of Business Administration (1997)

Diploma of Technology in Operations Management (1996)

Advanced Specialty Certificate in Administrative Studies (Honors) (1997)

What Industries and Niches Does Jason Kanigan Have Experience With?

Space & Defense – smallsat manufacturing, planning & logistics, commercialization of defense contractors including sales & marketing program development

Power Generation & Control Equipment – Large industrial gas turbine, diesel and natural gas power plants

Mobility Equipment – Platform & stair lifts, elevators, overhead & mobile patient lifts, safe patient handling, driving hand controls

Recycling – Glass/Metal/Plastic/Auto Parts

Information Technology (IT) – Network security hardware & software, wireless communications systems, accounting software, CRM software, ERP/MRP software, custom database-driven solutions for student records tracking at universities, colleges, NGOs and local government, EFT, high-end custom websites, managed services

Credit Management – 4 years x $2 Million / month collections for 7 branches of national electrical wholesaler

Garment Manufacturing – Jackets, climbing harnesses, backpacks

Metal Fabrication – Structural brackets, stainless steel backsplashes, custom parts – fine plasma cutting table operation, railway castings

Municipal Government – Leading Committees of Council, municipal performance measures, assessing and approving grant funding for NPOs

Sales Training – industrial sales, insurance & financial products, web design, SEO services, accounting services, medical devices, home contracting & custom construction, auto dealerships, legal services and more.

If you haven’t heard me speak, listen to a podcast interview appearance or two.

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