How To Quit Working: Jason Kanigan Interviews On Jeff Steinmann Show

Author & Entrepreneur Jeff Steinmann interviews Jason Kanigan on leaving the corporate world and starting his consulting business in this action-packed interview. Jason goes further than ever before in sharing details and steps for budding entrepreneurs who are thinking about taking the big step. Listen to it here: And visit for more interviews on […]

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When to Call Tradespeople

I get this question frequently: “When should I call tradespeople?” It took me a year to understand this, working as a credit manager for a national electrical wholesaler, but your typical tradesperson is halfway up a ladder, juggling a tool in one hand a the cell phone in the other when you call. Later on, […]

Expert Interview Series: Neil Patel on SEO

Neil Patel and I were able to meet up for a few minutes and talk shop on SEO. He has some surprising tips to share on what is working today. One of his key recommendations is something you wouldn’t think of as being related to SEO at all! It’s a quick discussion, so check it […]

What Next? How To Advance The Sales Process

One of my students called me up with a question. A regulatory body acting between consumers and retailers in a niche didn’t know how to fix a problem my student could help them with. My student had sent a prospecting email. The prospect responded that they were interested in his service, and asked if there […]

Why Is Cold Calling So Scary?

Watch this on Youtube: Yeah, let me get psyched up! Fired up! Make some cold calls! Wait a minute, my website needs to be fixed. Oh, oh, would you look at that! It’s 6:00 at night and now I don’t have to make any more calls, the day is over. Darn it! Hi, this is […]

Scott Britton Interview on Business Development

Scott Britton leapt onto the headlines in 2012 as one of the “25 and Under NY Tech” people to watch. I caught up with Scott in Florida as he prepares for his next challenge–and it’s an exciting one! Scott shares great business development tips, such as how to write an effective cold email, as well […]

You Made HOW MANY Dials?

Watch this on Youtube: Hi, this is Jason Kanigan, the owner and founder of Sales on Fire and welcome to another Sales Triathlete Minute. Has this happened to you? You make about ten dials after screwing up your courage and what happens? You know, about half don’t answer or aren’t in, can’t talk with you. […]

Inc. Magazine features Kanigan Productivity Hack

Someone linked me to an article Inc. Magazine is running on their site that features one of my productivity hacks. It’s from a Quora post I wrote awhile back. “Kanigan, a sales trainer, says you have to figure out what your ‘golden hours’ are. “Kanigan says that you have to protect your “golden hours” at […]