Chris Munch Testimonial about Jason Kanigan

Chris Munch testimonial for Jason Kanigan

Jason Kanigan is at another level when it comes to phone and face to face sales!

I’ve worked with 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs who are sales experts, read countless books on marketing and sales, and sold millions of dollars worth of product & services, and after a while you begin to spot patterns… it was immediately evident that Jason’s skills, knowledge and experience is up there with the best.

I have a sales & marketing team, and one thing we were struggling with was getting through to decision makers in a particular tough industry… within 45 minutes he’d given me a killer script more powerful than anything else we had tried (and we’d tried quite a few things!)

From closing small clients to reaching decision matters in Enterprise level companies he knows how it’s done, and it’s different and counter-intuitive to almost everything else you see out there.

I’ve spent the past several months speaking with and learning from a number of people who sell marketing services to business, and within 30 minutes of listening intently to Jason it was better than anything else I had heard so far. He’s in a league of his own!

Chris Munch, CEO at PressCable

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