Business Strategy for Space & Defense Firms and Agencies


Where an average copywriter might make $40,000 on a launch, Jason Kanigan has made his client over $600,000.

In one week.

Copywriting by itself is as useful as a website on its own: a billboard in a desert.

We need to talk about your traffic, your audience. WHO will be seeing this copy?

Where are they coming from?

If you are expecting miraculous conversions from magic bullet copy, get that idea out of your head right now.

Success with copy is engineered.

The traffic sources are considered long before a single word is written.

If you have worked with a low level copywriter who jumped at the chance to write for a dollar waved in front of their nose…

…then you probably have some incorrect assumptions and expectations.

And you could definitely be getting better results.

We should talk about them.

Business owners who are the best fit to work with me are busy executives with operations earning $50,000/month or more. If you are earning under $40,000 we aren’t a fit yet. Your product or service should be in the serious B2B, software/SaaS, financial, investment, or ecommerce spaces. No MLM, no PUA, no supplements/nutrition offers (unless I know you via referral, for the last one). I cannot work with something I can’t personally get behind.

You should know your Cost of Customer Acquisition.

You should know your Lifetime Customer Value and average order value.

If you believe you’re a fit, book a paid consultation.

Book a call with Jason here. Calls with me deliver a incredibly high up-front value. This amount will be deducted from any project going forward.

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