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Don’t Let Price Shoppers Beat You Up

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Hi, this is Jason Kanigan, the owner and founder of Sales on Fire and welcome to another sales triathlete minute.

Do not let the price shoppers beat you up! Has this happened to you? Somebody phones you up and they immediately ask for your price, and you—knee-jerk reaction—you give it to them. And then you never hear from them again.

What happened here? Well the prospect viewed what you offered as a commodity. It might as well have been a bag of oranges. They didn’t know what else to ask about. They don’t know what might be more important than the price. And then they went off to find what you offer at the lowest possible price. So don’t let them beat you up. Interrupt their process. When somebody calls and says, what’s your price on this, you can say: Love to be able to share that with you; if we could just back up a minute, I need to ask a couple of questions to make sure that we get the right thing for you.

Substitute your own process by setting expectations. Tell them how you work. And then start asking questions to uncover why they are looking for this product or service. They are not the expert; you are, and so while they may be looking for a particular product or thing, they might be wrong. There might be a better choice, a better product or a better service that’s more suited to their problem and fixing it, than what they know about. They may not be aware of it.

So, interrupt their process and start asking questions, and you won’t get beat up on price.

Thanks for joining me, Jason Kanigan, for this quick sales triathlete minute. And check out our other Sales on Fire coaching tips.

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