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Fortune 1000 Sales Process Developer Richard Ruff Interviewed by Jason Kanigan

I spoke with sales process developer Richard Ruff, who has three decades of experience with large scale sales training projects for Fortune 1000 companies.

His concentration is not upon a specific skillset, but rather how salesforces can adapt to changing markets and buyer behavior.

You might recognize his clients, some of which I’ll list here:

  • Microsoft
  • Kimberly-Clark
  • Xerox
  • Canon
  • Allstate.

Few trainers I’ve encountered have as much experience with training the sales forces of large companies as Dick does. His approach is not what you’d expect—no “wipe the slate clean and start over” dictums.

We talk about how the big companies conduct their sales training, and the surprising changes medium-sized and even small businesses are having to make to follow them.

Listen to the full interview here:

Dick is a principle of Sales Momentum and Sales Horizons. You can follow his blog entries at The Sales Training Connection.

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