Business Strategy for Space & Defense Firms and Agencies


Hi, thanks for coming over. I’m Jason Kanigan and what I do, in a nutshell, is create highly converting sales funnels.

A funnel is a series of steps that turns leads into buyers…while separating buyers from non-buyers. Sometimes those funnels have a live salesperson at the end, who I train. Sometimes they are completely automated and online.

Let’s look at What’s Wrong With Selling Today. You’ll learn seven killers of sales, and how selling AND buying have changed in the past few years. And you’ll get pointers on what you can adjust to make selling much easier for yourself.

More free sales and marketing tips are on my blog at

If you’re new to buisness, the Bootstrap program will teach you fundamentals for free.

Since I’ve been a guest on many radio and podcast shows, expert interviews are available here.
Would you like to work with me? I’ll need some information about your business.

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