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Local Online Marketing: Claude Whitacre Interview

In my own experience as a Fortune 1000 franchise operations executive, I learned that “Local Wins” in B2C. The public strongly prefers to buy from a local source: they will phone a local area code instead of a 1-800 number. Sometimes we had franchise offices on opposite sides of the same town, and prospects only wanted to talk with the location closest to them. PPC leads directed from the wrong area were a waste of money.

Local Online Marketing is an important topic that I don’t have extensive experience with. So being able to interview an expert on the topic and learn a whole lot in a short time was a great opportunity. Claude Whitacre is a local online marketing pro, and a sales trainer. A knock-out combination!

What if you could “own” Page 1 of Google’s search results for your local area–kicking big companies off the page with several of your listings in the results? Is this possible, or just a fantasy?

Also, SEO and online marketing are often confused. They are not the same thing. And is Facebook an effective platform for local marketing?

What’s Working with Local Online Marketing

In this in-depth interview, Claude answers questions such as:

  • Does local online marketing replace print advertising?
  • What is the most effective way to advertise online?
  • What’s the difference between local online marketing and selling online?
  • What about Pay Per Click Advertising?
  • Can business owners do this on their own?

And a whole lot more!

Following the economic crash in 2008, Claude used his own store as the testing lab. His local online marketing results results, and those of his clients, are the hard data that support this interview.

Click Here to listen to the full interview
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