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Sales Force Development

With clients in the US & Canada, Australia & New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, the Far East, the UK and Europe, Jason Kanigan truly is a worldwide sales force developer.

From new hire selection through smashing 30 years of limiting beliefs holding professionals back, Jason will build and enhance the skill set of your sales team.

The pinnacle of sales success is within your reach.

Most sales team members do not know how to effectively conduct two simple-sounding prospecting steps:

1. Reach the decision maker


2. Begin the conversation well.

Without these two elements, there IS NO “rest of the call”!

At an introductory level, this is the first level of what Jason is brought in to teach sales forces.

Individual coaching at a higher level, including selling using behavioral profile systems, and uncovering performance-killing limiting beliefs, has lead to increased results for experienced professionals.

Book a consultation with Jason to assess and organize your plan for performance improvement. You’ll learn a ton as I deliver a massive amount of up-front value. This amount will be deducted from any further work we do.

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