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Sales Plan Workshop

The Ultimate Sales On Fire Program for Small Business Owners & Consultants Only

Question: Do you have a Sales Plan for the coming year?

Or are you like nearly every small business owner and consultant out there, HOPING the amount of money you need to survive and thrive will magically come in?


Hope doesn’t get you where you want to go.

Hope doesn’t drive qualified prospects to you.

Hope doesn’t produce sales.

Hope doesn’t generate the target revenue you desire.

If you’re struggling with making the money goal you set…

If you didn’t even set a money target…

If you don’t know any methods of getting qualified prospects to speak with you…


Come stay with me in sunny Wilmington, North Carolina for 3 full days for the one and only personalized Sales Plan Workshop. You can’t get this anywhere else. We’ll nail down every single action you need to take over the next 12 months to hit your revenue goal.

I’m not just talking about prospecting calls here.

I mean every sales and marketing activity you need to do to hit your target. There are six main categories. And we’ll explore them all. Flesh them out. Get you the list of detailed actions that need to be taken.

Can you go home afterwards and delegate out these tasks? Hell yes!

Pick which you want to do yourself and which you want to delegate.

But for the first time ever–and unlike millions of other small business owners and consultants–you will have a clear, straightforward plan to get the sales you need through multiple methods.

You cannot get this plan from anyone else.

And it is developed 1-on-1, totally personalized.

Think of the value of this Sales Plan Workshop.

Without it, you have no idea how you’ll get to your revenue goal.

Just sit in your market and hope?

I don’t think so!

Now imagine the confidence you’ll have with the step-by-step plan that you can execute with your team to hit your revenue goal. Knowing what you’re going to do now, and next month, and the one after that to bring in sales. Having the right answer to your subcontractor’s or employee’s question: “What do I do now?”

When I told my biggest client about this offer, a high level entrepreneur with whom I made over $600,000 in a single month with a product launch featuring the greatest prospect participation we’ve ever seen, he shouted over the phone at me, “You have to charge $25,000 for this! Look at what it’s worth!”

He knows to bring in $500K or a million dollars or more, $25K is chump change. And it really is.

Read my testimonials.

All about over-delivering and amazing value.

I want your raving testimonial. Yes, I want it badly, because your testimonial is going to make this offer a complete No-Brainer for future clients.

And so I’m not going to set the price at $25,000.

I’m going to cut it utterly in half for you.

But this offer will only be available for the first three clients.

Once those three special spots are filled, I’ll have the testimonials I need and will feel fine about raising the price to where it belongs.

So here’s your chance. Get the expertise the Inc. Top 1000 companies hire for just a fraction of what they’d pay–and what I’d normally charge. These spots won’t remain available long.

Email me at with questions or to book your one-of-a-kind workshop with me.

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