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Scott Britton Interview on Business Development

Scott Britton leapt onto the headlines in 2012 as one of the “25 and Under NY Tech” people to watch. I caught up with Scott in Florida as he prepares for his next challenge–and it’s an exciting one!

Scott shares great business development tips, such as how to write an effective cold email, as well as examples from his own past in getting noticed by and achieving traction with startups. SinglePlatform, where he was most recently at in a BizDev role, was bought by Constant Contact for $100 Million.

One big surprise Scott let out the bag–besides the jump he’s about to take–is how to “niche crowdfund” a product before you even begin making it.


MORE FROM SCOTT BRITTON – Scott’s blog, with fantastic, proven bizdev tips (I found myself saying, “I do that!” over and over again)

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