Business Strategy for Space & Defense Firms and Agencies

Trying to Control Selling?

Consider your responses to the following questions:

1. Can you control what happened at your prospect’s place of business just before you called over there, or came through the front door?

2. Can you control whether your prospect is available to speak with you or not?

3. Can you control whether they actually do pick up the phone or come out to talk with you or not?

4. Can you control whether or not they’re interested in what you have to say?

5. Can you control whether they buy?

Really think about these questions. My belief is that you’ve been trying to control a number of them.

Truth is, though, you can’t. You can’t control any of these things. Yet people spend tons of time and energy trying to, and getting frustrated when they cannot.

All you can control is Y-O-U. Do you make the calls? And how do you make the calls…do you follow a consistent sales process, or “wing it”? Think about that.

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