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The first thing I said to Jason was “you want how much?!”
Then he showed me his work…
Then he made me an extra $14,300…
Then I said, “let’s do this launch. I just paid Rich Schefren $2000 an hour so let’s hash out these ideas.”

OK, Jason’s call sign should be the Marketing Magician because within a 10 minute phone call, he conjured up a completely new, never seen before marketing funnel to get people to consume training videos for a new product launch.
My lips are sealed about this funnel.
It’s the new back end for my business.

Next thing I know $211,000 comes in within 24 hours.
By the end of the week, it’s $504,000 and growing…

Marketing plan. CHECK. Email blasts. CHECK. Half a million in a week. CHECK.

Even Jon Benson, the father of the “ugly video sales letter” which has made nearly $1 billion in sales said of our crazy new up-sell funnel said: “this DOES need to be in any upsell…nice copy…your message simply works.

Thanks Jason! You’ve put money directly in my pocket with PERSUASIVE copy. You were right, you get what you pay for.” ~Dan M.

Hi, I’m Jason Kanigan. Before starting my online business, I had 15 years of real world corporate experience in sales & marketing and production management roles.

I’ve also been studying copywriting since 1994, and wrote for every single company I’ve ever worked for regardless of the role I was hired for. I’ve been helping people make more sales and revenue with Sales On Fire, Inc., since 2012.

I chose the industrial image of the steelworker as the background of my site because it represents the custom-engineered solutions I provide for my clients.

We’re on a special page right now just for Warrior Forum members. You can only get here if I choose to put the link in my WF sig. If you don’t yet know me, take a look around the site…and then come back to have a look at these offers.

Make sure you check out the Interviews section. I’ve been on a lot of radio shows and podcasts over the years and they’re all valuable.


Depending on where you’re at in your sales journey, you have a number of selections available from me to help you.

With an eye on process improvement and funnel design, I focus on two things: sales training & copywriting.

This means that Conversion is where I’m best.

Getting traffic to your site is up to you. I pick up right there and do everything else to help you make the sale.


Preferred topics: B2B (business), software, consulting, finance, professional services, manufacturing, history & literature, food & wine.

Not a fit: PUA (pick up artist), nutrition, health, fitness.

Funnel design / copy review consulting call – 1 hour, recorded: $250 – Click Here To Order

Jason knows his stuff- I had a product page that I thought would be a slam dunk, but was not converting. I shelled out the money for an hour call and was struggling to write down all the nuggets of insight he was dishing out! Luckily he recorded the conversation and send me the files within the hour- now I can reference these at my convenience and pick up even more.

A lot of the stuff should have been common sense to us (positioning and message) but after being in the project for so long it takes an outsider’s perspective to set us on the right path. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others and will definitely be utilizing him again for other projects. ~agrius


Just had a call with Jason that over-ran by at least an hour, which shows he truly cares about helping me get results.

I found the session incredibly helpful to gain clarity in my business, where I was going wrong and clear steps to take my business to the next level.

If you’re tired of buying all the gimmicks and magic bullets and want a clear path to building a “real” business by implementing “real” strategies that actually work, then I’d highly recommend you hire Jason as a coach.

He’s someone that is in the trenches like we are building a business and can therefore offer advice on what actually works when it comes to bringing in offline clients that will pay you what you’re worth.

Jason will help you get rid of your fears, give you a clear action path and get you fired up…

I highly recommend his coaching, which is why I’m continuing with further coaching calls. I’d recommend you do the same. ~Chris James


Just got off the phone with Jason and I can tell you it was worth the money only about 20 minutes in. I wanted to create an online course and was about to spend a lot of valuable resources making and launching it.

He dissected my plan and put everything into perspective. Not only that but he gives you realistic advice that will make you understand whats important before your product is created. He is result driven and cares about his clients and you can tell since the call lasted more then an hour. He’s is definitely my go to guy for creating my funnel and will continue to be so.

If your having trouble creating your funnel or feel overwhelmed by creating something profitable online, then you need to get on the phone with Jason. He even recorded the call and emailed it to me so I can listen to it anytime. This is huge because if your new to online marketing sometimes you need to digest information much more then once. Highly recommended. ~Alex


I met with Jason Kanigan this past Sunday to review and discuss some of the inbound marketing efforts I’m rolling out for my service offering. I’m well versed in setting up a sales funnel, understand the individual components and how they should work together (especially on the technical side of things). However, there were some critical items that I was missing and he made these things easy for me to understand.

If you are a salesperson and need more inbound leads or you’ve got a business that you wanted to market through online media, I can say without a doubt there is far more to it than just placing a Facebook ad and hoping for the best.

Jason has helped me get from throwing hail mary’s to establishing realistic targets and building a sensible plan to reach them. ~James

And this video testimonial…


Sales letters & VSLs: Starting at $750.

Email series: Starting at $100 per email, $300 minimum, for unique, customized and effective emails you own full rights to.

As an option, I will write your email series and retain all rights to their content starting at $50 per email, $250 minimum.

WordPress Web Design + Copy: Starting at $750.

For all projects, Order Your Consulting Call to discuss your project.

For all calls, if I can’t help you the fee will be refunded; if we do move forward, the fee will be deducted from the total of the project.


Sales Training

Sales On Fire Program: $495 – Click Here To Order
Live 1-on-1 two-hour coaching call, recorded, to teach you to overcome your fears of phone sales and give you a proven sales process.

Access to three membership sites provided following the call.

Program has been selling since 2012.

This offer is not available anywhere else except as part of a $2000+ program.

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Speedy Sales Machine: $27 – For face-to-face & over-the-phone salespeople…
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How To Stop Being a Newbie: $4 – 7 Steps to an effective online or offline sales funnel in plain English…
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