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What Next? How To Advance The Sales Process

One of my students called me up with a question. A regulatory body acting between consumers and retailers in a niche didn’t know how to fix a problem my student could help them with. My student had sent a prospecting email. The prospect responded that they were interested in his service, and asked if there were strategies to handle this problem. My client wanted to reply Yes, but then got stuck: how could he move the sale forward without giving expertise away?

Being an unpaid consultant is bad. You give away your knowledge, and get nothing in return. It’s a situation we want to avoid at all costs. Fortunately, the answer is straightforward: tell them they can get the expertise on a live call.

A live conversation will enable both of you to deepen the relationship, ask questions, and most importantly find out how serious it is.

If they aren’t serious, they won’t schedule the call.

If they are, they will.


P.S. Does this work for web design prospects? Power plant prospects? Landscaping prospects? YES. Get the conversation if you can–otherwise, don’t give away your expertise.

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