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Hi there!

I’m not sure this offer is for you, but watch this video to learn about my values, qualities, history and how we can work together…

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I’ve been a valued guest on many, many radio and podcast interviews since 2011.

I host a YouTube show and podcast about the unexpected challenges of scaling companies including in space and defense, called The Cold Star Project.

And I run companies centered around:

  • determining strategy
  • operational excellence & process engineering
  • sales & conversion optimization
  • AI-driven software solutions centered around detecting fraud and optimizing supply chains & distribution channels (‘oh gawsh’ note: the “AI” was on here long before ChatGPT’s popularity. That’s not what I mean at all. I was using AI through my UNCW data science department connection in 2021–check it with the Wayback Machine–and really back to 2019).

I’ll bet you’re a bit like me, as a founder: we’re full of “founder fuel”, and it’s so easy to get distracted with new ideas. The danger is we split our energy in too many directions and don’t get anything done. Plus, it’s a lot easier for you to give direction to someone else than to yourself.

I bring in outside consultants to look at my operations all the time. Those outside experts see the forest for the trees, which I have trouble seeing because I’m standing in ’em.

Same for you: you’re standing in your own forest and I think you can admit you have trouble seeing what would be the most effective action for you right now?

This is exactly how I can help you.

Every business, no matter what field it operates in, needs four systems: Lead Generation, Qualification, Conversion, and Fulfillment. Your business has a bottleneck in at least one of these areas that’s holding you back.

The way we work together is for you to book a $4100 two-call consultation package with me.

Now in my world, for most people this is a small, starter project.

If we choose to do a larger project following our discussion, this investment will be deducted from the total. This two-call package is quite enough to coach you to a great result, though.

As I see it, you have three options.

One, you can do nothing. Let me ask you this: how much forward progress have you made on your own so far?

Two, you can keep looking and eventually hire someone else. I’m not as flashy as other experts, that’s for sure! What you see is what you get. But I do have a deep AND wide experience, and can save you from a whole lot of trouble while getting you on the straight road to success. And I will tell you The Truth.

Three, you can decide now to work with me.

By this point you’ve self-qualified. Filtered yourself In or Out with the criteria. Are you the right kind of person to get the huge value of speaking with me?

  • Do you have a NEED for my help? A serious Strategy, Conversion, or Operations/Process problem I can help solve?
  • Do you have the BUDGET for my help? A problem big enough, larger than $100000, to warrant my involvement?
  • And do you have the PERSONALITY FIT to work with me? You describe yourself as “brutally self-honest”, willing to look bad news directly in the eye and do something about it?

If you’re saying “Yes” to all three of these questions, then


What happens next, after you buy the consultation, is you choose the time of our first call from my calendar.


Jason Kanigan


PS. If you have a “bleeding neck” problem, the longer you delay is the longer you will be kept away from the solution. A lender that is losing two million dollars a month because of fraud wants the solution RIGHT NOW. If that’s you, or you’re a “Mini Me” of that, solve the problem and book the consultation.

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