Inc. Magazine features Kanigan Productivity Hack

Someone linked me to an article Inc. Magazine is running on their site that features one of my productivity hacks.

It’s from a Quora post I wrote awhile back.

“Kanigan, a sales trainer, says you have to figure out what your ‘golden hours’ are.

“Kanigan says that you have to protect your “golden hours” at all costs. Here’s a further explanation:

“Figure out when your ‘golden hours’ are, and protect them at all costs. Permit no distractions during those times. Then ‘Eat That Frog’–pick the biggest, hairiest, most difficult goal that stands between you and the next giant step towards success … and Do It Now.

“A small number of decisions makes up the majority of your life experience (the 80/20 rule strikes again!). Therefore, a small number of activity choices make up the large majority of your achievements … or lack thereof.”

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