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Sales Trainer Monika DAgostino On Commitment: Interview by Jason Kanigan

Monika D’Agostino and I discussed her experience as a consultative sales trainer, and trends she has seen in sales training. Her eight month sales training certification program may sound long term, but it’s why she’s been successful. New habits take 30 days to ingrain, as any personal development coach will tell you. And Monika’s program concentrates on instilling a different sales skillset every month.

With a background in ballet, it’s no shock to understand why Monika so strongly believes in practice, practice and more practice. As she says, “I didn’t learn how to ski in a day,” so why would you expect to learn how to sell in such a short time?

We get into a whole lot more about sales training and the process of learning how to sell.

Listen to the full Monika DAgostino interview right here:

Monika D’Agostino is the principle of the Consultative Sales Academy.

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